Are you over 60? Want to get rid of those tired images of sexless old people? Interested in becoming more hopeful about your sexual life as you age? This course is for you. A unique opportunity to create a more joyful sexual life as you age.


Why an online course about sex after sixty? 

Are you over 60? Interested in feeling better about sex as you age? This program is for you. Led by an experienced sexuality educator, you will be invited to explore your own sexuality, learn new ways of talking about sex with a partner, create more awareness about your own sexual energy, and become more comfortable as a sexual older adult. All sessions are online. Enroll here.

Who is this for? 

Anyone of any gender or orientation or relationship status over 60. Anyone sick of sex manuals written for younger people. Any older person  interested in improving your sexual life. 

What can I expect after I take this course?

As we age, we accumulate baggage around our bodies and our sexual selves. This course, taught by a sexuality professional with the most current research will give you a  whole new way of looking at your present and future as a fully sexual being. You’ll be able to throw off those ageist images of old people being all washed up, can't get it up, or being all dried up. You’ll start feeling hopeful about sex again. 

How will this be taught? 

Taught online in the privacy of your own space. With the most up-to-date research, practical tips, resources, assignments, and a good dose of humor, Dr. Fleishman offers you a unique opportunity to view sex and aging from a hopeful perspective. 

What is each session about? 

Introduction to the course: This is where you’ll get an overview of the structure, the content, the resources, tips, assignments, and tools for the entire course. 

Lesson 1. Self-Love: All about loving our bodies as we age. How we feel about our bodies and how much we may be critical of our bodies probably started a really long time ago. And it affects us today. Sex (and we’ll define it as we go along) feels different to each of us. Some may hate the very kind of stimulation that others love. Explore what feels good to you, what doesn’t feel like anything, and what feels uncomfortable. 

Lesson 2. The Big O: Reflecting on your own body and your own sexual responses. While orgasms are often related to sexual pleasure, sexual pleasure can occur even without orgasms. Orgasms change as we age. Try on a new way of thinking about orgasms, find joy and pleasure as we age. 

Lesson 3. Toys Definitely Are Us: Some people think bringing a sex toy into their bedroom would be like saying their partner is not enough for them. Or that they’re disappointed. But as we age, we may not always have the same signs of excitement. Toys can be useful for sexual issues and you’ll be introduced to some of the newest on the market designed for older bodies. And where to find them without embarrassment. 

Lesson 4. Let’s Get Physical -- Joys and Challenges: Older adults have sex for different reasons than young people. As we age, sex can be both a challenge and a whole new set of emergent pleasures. We’ll explore the biopsychosocial impacts of aging as well as the possibilities for joy.

Lesson 5. The Culmination: This session puts all of the earlier sessions into practice. I’ll give you my tips for better sex as an older adult. It’s the final session in the series and we focus on intention, presence, and consent. 

Bonus. The Three P’s: When I finished writing this course, I realized there was one more lesson for you.  This  bonus session focuses on the three P’s. What are they? You’ll have to take the course to find out. And I think you’ll be happy you did! 

Who is leading this course? Dr. Jane Fleishman, PhD, MEd, MS, award-winning sexuality educator, researcher, writer, podcaster.   

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